Do you have a broken, torn or busted household item? Come along to the Unley Repair Cafe and learn how to fix it with the help of some expert repairers.

The Unley Repair Cafe is held on the last Saturday of each month. It is a free event aimed at creating a sense of community, while helping to divert items from landfill and pass on valuable repairing knowledge.

Items that can be repaired include include electrical, electronic, clothing, shoe, furniture, bike, jewellery and mechanical items (note: no whitegoods or vehicle repairs).  

Everyone is welcome - even if you don't have an item to repair. Come and connect with your neighbours, see what's being repaired - and maybe learn a new skill!  Sit with and assist the repairer while you learn how to fix your item (one item at a time per person to allow everyone the opportunity to participate).  If you have more than one item you may 're-join the queue' after your first item has been attended to. Each session ends at 12:30pm sharp, so please arrive well before this to enable enough time for repairs.

Tools and equipment are provided, but if your repair requires specific spare parts, please purchase these before the session. You can get help diagnosing the issue to determine what part or parts you need. 

While free to attend, any donations are greatly appreciated. New volunteers, especially electricians and event support skills, always welcome.  To stay in the loop follow the Unley Repair Cafe on Facebook: 

The Unley Repair Cafe is supported by Sustainable Communities SA Inc. and is made possible by a Fund My Neighbourhood grant from the Government of South Australia.

April 27, 2019 at 9:30am - 12:30pm
Clarence Park Community Centre, 72-74 East Avenue, Black Forest
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