A conga line of Employment Ministers

In the wake of a disastrous rise in unemployment in regional South Australia the State Liberals are demanding Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills confirm there will be no job losses at Forestry SA.

“Minister Gago was the Minister for Forests when Premier Weatherill promised there would no job losses at Forestry SA as a result of the privatisation of South Australia’s forests and must now guarantee that commitment will be honoured,” said Shadow Minister for Employment David Pisoni.

“South Australia’s regional unemployment rate has skyrocketed from 6.8 per cent to 8.5 per cent in March – the highest in 14 years and the worst result of all states in Australia.

“With the number of unemployed in regional South Australia jumping to 16,000 the Weatherill Labor Government must keep its promise not to cut jobs at Forestry SA.

“Minister Gago must also indicate how she intends to haul South Australia out of the jobs crisis the Labor Government has created.

“Minister Gago is the latest in a conga line of Ministers rotating through the employment portfolio since the Labor Government came to office.

“Jane Lomax-Smith, Paul Caica, Michael O’Brien, Jack Snelling, Tom Kenyon and Grace Portolesi are collectively responsible for manufacturing South Australia’s catastrophic jobs crisis.

“Minister Gago now needs to fix the deep problems her successors have created and she needs to begin that task now.”