Australian Curriculum Studies Association Conference

From Wednesday 30 September to Friday 2 October, the Biennial Australian Curriculum Studies Association Conference, titled 'Curriculum Leadership for a diverse Australia', is being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Mr Garry McLean, President Australian Curriculum Studies Association and Professor Lester-Irabinna Ridney, Professor of Aboriginal Education, UniSA, who later gave the morning's keynote address, were in attendance as I officially opened the conference this morning.

I have a keen interest in the themes and ideas which are being discussed at the conference as the attendees examine and explore how we can deliver a better curriculum which enhances the education of all children and embraces curriculum diversity which involves our indigenous, refugee and migrant communities.

As the Shadow Minister for both Education and Multicultural Affairs, it was a wonderful opportunity to hear from the leaders in the educational field and those who have first hand experience in these areas and I thank the Australian Curriculum Studies Association for allowing me the opportunity to speak at the conference this morning.