Compulsory acquisition and eviction

The State Liberals have accused the Weatherill Government of heavy handed tactics in respect of its treatment of owners and tenants of properties compulsorily acquired as part of the widening of Main South Road at Bedford Park.

"Owners and residents of homes bulldozed as part of the widening of the north-south corridor have complained that the Weatherill Government has treated them very poorly during compensation negotiations," said Shadow Minister for Transport David Pisoni.

"These people have been adversely impacted by a project that will bring benefits to the wider community and it’s important the Weatherill Government properly compensates them for their financial loss.

"Unfortunately it seems that the Weatherill Government has been using its muscle to try to drive down the amount of compensation these people are going to receive despite a moral and legal obligation to negotiate in good faith."

Land Acquisition Act 1969

23—Negotiation of compensation

(1) The Authority must negotiate in good faith with interested persons about the compensation payable for the acquisition of land under this Act.

"I’m also concerned that a number of the residents who have been badly treated by the Weatherill Government in this process are students from other countries," Mr Pisoni said.

"Adelaide’s reputation as a safe city for international students is severely compromised if the State Government is seen to be treating them poorly in respect of their housing.

"This type of information can travel like wildfire through social media and damage the critical international student market.

"The Weatherill Government needs to make sure that people affected by the compulsory land acquisition are treated fairly."