Crumbling overpass to be examined by Parliament

The State Liberals have successfully moved to reopen investigations into the troubled South
Road Bridge by State Parliament’s Public Works Committee.

When the South Road Tram Overpass failed back in January and closed a section of South Road, the State Liberals immediately called for the Committee to investigate the inspection regime of the bridge and the Government’s handling of the project.

“I’m pleased that the Public Works Committee has agreed to recall the Transport Department to give evidence about the design failure that led to the South Road Overpass crumbling,” said Shadow Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure David Pisoni.

“My motion to recall the South Road Tram Overpass was prompted by an unsatisfactory Departmental briefing after the independent report was released.

“Minister Mullighan’s shambolic handling of the overpass failure and road closure has angered motorists, public transport commuters, cyclists, pedestrians, and businesses along South Road.

“It’s appropriate that the Public Works Committee will reopen investigations into all aspects of the project, and in the process, hold the Minister and Government accountable.”

The Public Works Committee has powers under the Parliamentary Committees Act to reopen investigations into projects which have previously been before the Committee, for further investigation and monitoring.