Full safety and compliance audit needed for Seaford Line

Confirmation that asbestos has been found in control boxes on the Seaford Rail Line means a safety and compliance audit needs to be conducted immediately.

"It is totally unacceptable that public and employee safety on this $500 million taxpayer funded project has been compromised by the materials used," said Shadow Minister for Transport David Pisoni.

"Minister Mullighan must explain why this $500 million project has been continually plagued by avoidable quality and safety issues as a result of penny pinching.

"I’ll be referring this matter back to the Public Works Committee for a full investigation as to how asbestos contaminated materials found its way into this taxpayer funded project.

"South Australians will want to know who is responsible for the use of illegal products in a $500 million South Australian Government project.

"After thousands of Australians have suffered terrible deaths from mesothelioma it is completely unacceptable that rail revitalisation workers have been put at risk of exposure to that deadly disease by using cut price Chinese imports."