GlobeLink plan important to rail discussions

A briefing regarding fast rail in the Adelaide Hills will take place in Mount Barker this evening, with the State Liberals' GlobeLink plan playing a part in future rail discussions.

“GlobeLink is a generational upgrade of our freight infrastructure, with rail being a key part of the discussion,” said Shadow Minister for Infrastructure David Pisoni.

“As the Adelaide Hills are part of the current rail freight corridor, it's important that briefings such as this evening's fast rail briefing involve dialogue about the removal of heavy freight trains from the current rail corridor.

“Given the local council's willingness to be briefed on a proposal for fast rail from Adelaide to Mount Barker and beyond, it's important to note that consultation on GlobeLink could include looking at the benefits of returning passenger rail to Mount Barker.

“Only the Liberal Party is committed to removing freight trains from the Adelaide Hills. Unfortunately, SA Best has been critical of GlobeLink, without offering up any solutions to the issue of freight trains snaking their way through the Hills.

“Unlike SA Best, the Liberal Candidate for Kavel Dan Cregan has been working constructively with Encounter Fast Rail, the entity which is briefing council this evening.

“It's important that those aspiring to represent the Adelaide Hills are open to discussions regarding plans which would remove freight trains from the Hills instead of dismissing plans such as GlobeLink without offering alternatives.”