Is NRAH on time and on budget?

The State Liberals are demanding the Minister for Health recommits to the 2016 completion date for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH).

“Persistent rumours that the project is at least 6 months behind schedule need to be addressed,” said Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni.

“The Weatherill Labor Government should know exactly where the project is in respect of the likely completion date and is obliged to keep the public informed as to NRAH’s progress.

“Statements that there have been no changes to the NRAH contract completion date do not address the matter.

“Indeed the Weatherill Labor Government’s failure to publicly refute the persistent rumours that the project is behind schedule merely add weight to those concerns.

“Should NRAH fall significantly behind schedule the follow on effects will be felt in the health system and for the promised second city high school.

“If NRAH is not delivered by 2016 the Royal Adelaide Hospital will to be kept operating in the interim and the construction of the promised high school will be critically delayed

“Parents and students of inner Adelaide have the right to know if the Weatherill Government’s proposed 2019 start date for a city school is impossible to achieve due to contamination.

“Under Weatherill Labor’s plan the construction of a new high school on the Royal Adelaide Hospital site won’t be able to begin until the transfer of the Royal Adelaide Hospital to its new site is complete

“Having failed to deliver its 2010 election promise to expand Adelaide High School by 2013, Labor owes the parents and students of inner Adelaide an honest answer regarding potential delays on a new city school,” said Mr Pisoni.