Labor keeps spinning SA

The State Liberal Party is highly critical of a decision by the Minister for Education and Child Development Jennifer Rankine to hire an expensive spin doctor when she is making massive cuts to her Education Department budget.

An advertisement for the newly created leadership position of Director Communications for providing strategic direction and effective support and communication activities with and across the Department was placed on page four of Saturday's Advertiser.

"It is extraordinary that after promising so much in the lead up to the election that Labor's first priority since forming government is to hire an executive spin doctor"

"Education standards in South Australia have fallen behind under Labor yet Minister Rankine's solution appears to focus on managing the fall out rather than improving the outcomes," said Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni.

"Minister Rankine announced $230M in education cuts and nearly 400 redundancies in last year's budget yet her first priority has been to hire more staff to manage the government's spin.

"The Minister must explain why she has hired yet another spin doctor on an extravagant wage whilst she is cutting education budgets and staff".

International PISA testing has seen South Australia slip from South Australia leading the nation in 2000 to now performing worse than any other State. "NAPLAN results show South Australian students are below the national average in 19 out of 20 categories.

"South Australia also recorded the worst result of all states in 6 out of 20 NAPLAN categories, including Year 3 numeracy, Year 5 reading and Year 5 numeracy.

"Hiring another expensive spin doctor will do nothing to improve the poor educational outcomes that afflict too many public schools in South Australia.

"It is typical that one of the first acts of the returned Labor Government is to hire yet another fat cat bureaucrat at the expense of front line teaching services for South Australian kids."