Labor outsourcing Gonski funding to parents

Minister Rankine has been caught out using an unexpected windfall in school fees to fund her education budget.

Labor collected a staggering $116.5 million dollars from parents in public school student school fees this year.

Budget papers confirm this is a $28.8 million bonanza over and above the hefty $87.7 million Labor already expected to raise this year compared to budget forecasts just two years ago.

“Ordinary families are doing it tough enough without the Weatherill Government treating them like an ATM to fund the education budget,” said Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni.

“This will only get worse after the State Budget with rising school fees being matched by a sharp increase in the Emergency Services Levy.

“At a time when families are struggling with higher cost of living expenses Labor has no hesitation in ripping even more money out of their household budgets.”

Last year Minister Rankine’s department announced $223 million in budget cuts and nearly 400 jobs cuts by 2017.

Budget cuts for this year alone were confirmed in parliamentary committees at more than $30 million, almost identical to the extra money collected from parents through school fees.

“It is totally outrageous for Minister Rankine to be funding Labor’s Gonski commitment out of the pockets of hard-pressed families,” said Mr Pisoni.

“State Labor’s contribution to Gonski funding this year is a mere $9.09 million and a total of $229.89 million over 6 years----mostly after 2017--- yet with typical sleight of hand Labor is cutting the exact same funding out of its education budget by 2017.”