Labor warned about Seaford line power failure

Commuter chaos and a lack of ministerial accountability continues to plague Adelaide’s transport network as Seaford line train services continue to be disrupted for the second day in a row.  

An independent report obtained by the State Liberals, titled Brief Independent Overview of Adelaide Electrification – June 2012, warned of power failure on the Seaford line:  

“The lack of a second feeder station at the north end of the line means that services would be suspended every time the OHLE (overhead line estimate) requires isolation somewhere north of Lonsdale....A second feeder station in the Adelaide area would mean that services could continue to operate to some point south clear of any OHLE isolation.” 

“The complete lack of ministerial accountability on this latest transport chaos on Adelaide’s train network is totally unacceptable,” said Shadow Minister for Transport David Pisoni.  

“The Minister and the Department’s handling of this issue has been so incompetent that commuters on three rail lines have now been inconvenienced. 

“Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan needs to explain why the Seaford railway line shut down yesterday morning, remains out of action and how he is intending to compensate passengers left stranded by the latest shutdown of the Seaford line. 

“Minister Mullighan’s silence mirrors Adelaide Metro’s failure to inform commuters of what was happening and what alternative arrangements were being put in place for them as they waited on trains and at platforms yesterday. 

“The Weatherill Labor Government has spent $290 million on upgrading the Seaford line only for it to continually fail. 

“In July last year a high voltage cable snapped near Christies Beach putting passengers and bystanders at risk of grave injury.

“That was the second time a high voltage cable had snapped and had those incidents happened near a level crossing there may have been catastrophic consequences.”