Liberals welcome tougher sentence for Mark Christopher Harvey

The State Liberals have today welcomed the increased sentence handed down to Mark Christopher Harvey by the Supreme Court.

“The original sentence handed down to Mr Harvey was grossly inadequate and completely out of line with community expectations,” said Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni.

“At the time of Mr Harvey’s sentencing, the State Liberals called on the DPP to review the sentence on the grounds it was out of line with community expectations.

“A strong sentencing regime is a critical component in the protection of children from sexual predators.”

Last month, the DPP told the court that Mr Harvey’s sentence was “unreasonable or plainly unjust, it is in error and manifestly inadequate”.

This case sparked a Royal Commission, led to a Minister being sacked and sparked broad community outrage at the systemic failure of child protection in the Education Department.

“Unfortunately further failures in South Australia’s child protection system have emerged in the recent past,” said Mr Pisoni.

“Too often our most vulnerable children have been placed at risk by a child protection system that is failing in its most basic duties.

“Individuals should be in no doubt they will face severe penalties if they are found guilty of preying on children they are meant to be caring for.”