Marshall announces emergency Jobs Stimulus Package to fix ailing economy

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has today announced an emergency Jobs Stimulus Package to start fixing South Australia’s dire unemployment situation.

The key elements of the Plan are:

 - Immediately cut business taxes to allow business to grow and create more jobs;

 - Invest in new job creating infrastructure projects; and,

 - Provide immediate relief to families and households who are struggling under spiralling cost of living pressures.

"South Australia needs job creating policies in place now and the cornerstone of our package is providing immediate tax relief," said Mr Marshall.

"South Australian businesses are suffering under some of the highest taxes in the nation. It is imperative that we cut taxes to allow businesses to grow and create more jobs.

"Improving business conditions is the only way of growing South Australia’s economy and encouraging job creation.

"Building South Australia’s export capacity is another integral component of encouraging economic development and business growth."

Mr Marshall will be travelling to Indonesia this week with Federal Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb, with a further announcement regarding exports imminent upon Mr Marshall’s return.

"We also need to provide relief to households struggling under ever-increasing cost of living pressures," said Mr Marshall.

"If households have more money to spend, the economy and individual business will grow, creating more jobs in South Australia.

"The Government needs to adopt the measures proposed by the State Liberals in the upcoming Mid-Year Budget Review.

"Premier Weatherill needs to put political differences aside and work with the State Liberal Team to fix the South Australian economy."

Please contact my office if you would like a copy of the Jobs Stimulus Package plan.