Men at Work?

The State Liberals will introduce legislation to Parliament to end the practice of maintaining 25 km/h speed restrictions for road works on weekends and after hours despite the fact the work has ceased.

“Speed restrictions around road works are designed to protect the workers and when the workers have knocked off there is rarely any valid reason for maintaining the speed restrictions,” said Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure David Pisoni.


“I’ve lost count of the number of motorists who have expressed their frustration to me about being forced to slow down to 25 km/h when there are no works underway, no road workers present and no other reason to slow traffic.


“Nobody can object to placing sensible speed restrictions around road works to protect the workers but there’s no reason to maintain those speed restrictions after work has ended for the day.


“Under my amendments to the Road Traffic Act authorities or contractors who leave 25 km/p speed restriction signs in place unnecessarily after hours face a $5000 fine.


“This new regime won’t apply if work stops for a period less than five hours or where ministerial permission has been granted.


“Where there is a valid reason for maintaining the speed restrictions after work has ceased then the organisation responsible for putting up the signs can apply to the Minister for an exemption to legislation.”