More jobs disappear

The loss of up to 30 jobs from the Kilburn manufacturer Korvest is another warning that the Weatherill Government needs to bring down an emergency mini-budget to deal with South Australia’s escalating unemployment crisis.

"When highly successful companies begin shedding jobs due to poor economic conditions the impact reverberates throughout the economy," said Shadow Minister for Employment spokesperson David Pisoni.

"Whilst the general downturn in the manufacturing and construction industries has hurt Korvest the Weatherill Government’s decision to cancel the electrification of the Gawler train line has also contributed to Korvest’s current difficulties.

"The Weatherill Government’s constant flip flopping on the electrification of the Gawler line has denied Korvest valuable work at a critical moment in the State’s economic down turn.

"It demonstrates how important it is for governments to have a viable, coherent economic plan during economic downturns.

"By way of contrast the Weatherill Government has no plan to deal with South Australia’s rising unemployment.

"Indeed it has run up the white flag and adopted the self-fulfilling prophecy that double digit unemployment is inevitable."