New City School by 2019 – don’t bet on it

The Weatherill Labor Government’s promise to deliver a new high school on the RAH site in time for the start of the 2019 school year is as tenuous as its promise to create 250 new places at Adelaide High School by 2013.

“In 2010 Labor promised that an expanded Adelaide High School would cater for 250 additional students by 2013 but is yet to deliver a single extra student to the school,” said David Pisoni Shadow Education Minister.

“Now the Education Minister expects everyone to believe she will deliver a new school at the RAH site in between the time NRAH is completed and the start of the school year in 2019.

“The Minister needs to explain why the expansion of Adelaide High School is years behind schedule.

“Labor knows that the RAH site is not the preferred site of the parents of the electorate of Adelaide – the Liberals won the seat of Adelaide with our promise to build a second campus at Adelaide High School.

“Labor’s plan for a high school at the RAH in 2014 is as ill prepared as their belated response to the Liberal Party’s 2010 promise to build a second city campus of Adelaide High school.

“This is the second election in a row that Labor has ignored the voters of Adelaide’s preference for a second city campus at Adelaide High - this shows deep contempt for the electors of Adelaide.”