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Where will the education axe fall?

The State Opposition is calling on the Education Minister Jennifer Rankine to detail exactly where the axe will fall for the $230 million of planned cuts to the South Australian education budget.

Weatherill Labor must fix Prospect school zones farce

The Weatherill Labor Government must fix the farcical primary school zones issue facing Prospect families.

SA internet job vacancies continue worst in nation

South Australia’s crippling unemployment crisis is continuing with internet job vacancies falling by a further 1 per cent in April 2014.

Jobs crisis in Southern Adelaide continues on Weatherill’s watch

Southern Adelaide’s jobs crisis has continued on Premier Weatherill’s watch, with 21,300 jobs lost in the region in the past 12 months.

Why is it so, Minister Rankine?

The State Liberals are warning South Australians not to be fooled by the Weatherill Labor Government’s attempts to blame the looming cuts in the state education budget on the recently delivered federal budget.

SA students undertaking NAPLAN tests this week

The State Liberals wish all South Australian students taking part in NAPLAN tests this week the best of luck.

Weatherill’s double standards over Hook sacking

Premier Weatherill’s sacking of Transport and Infrastructure Department CEO, Rod Hook, is a case of double standards at its finest.

Weatherill Labor Government’s “jobs plan”

The number of jobless South Australians has now increased by 33 per cent – or 13,400 – since the Weatherill Labor Government promised to create 100,000 new jobs.

Labor must release unedited Debelle Report

“Pursuant to Justice Debelle’s recommendations 41 to 43, the State Liberals will be calling on Attorney-General Rau to release the unedited version of the report,” said Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni.

SA internet job vacancies worst in the nation

South Australian internet job vacancies are at half the levels of 2006 – the worst performance of all states during this period.