Parliamentary Inquiry into Skills for All

The State Liberals will move to establish a parliamentary committee to inquire into how hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars were wasted on the axed Skills for All program.

“It needs to be established how much money was wasted, why the program was such a failure and how we can prevent a similar failure in the future,” said Shadow Minister for Employment, Skills and Training David Pisoni.

“The State Liberals are also demanding the Weatherill Government commit to ongoing monitoring of the performance of the replacement WorkReady and the tabling of an annual evaluation of that training program in Parliament.

“The Weatherill Government wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on funding training courses as part of the Skills for All program that didn’t provide the students with the skills employers were looking for.

“Taxpayers have the right to know that exactly how the Weatherill Government wasted hundreds of million dollars on training programs in the middle of a growing jobs crisis.”

ACIL Allen found that of the 134,900 enrollments funded under the Skills for All program in 2013 there were just 41,100 qualifications issued (completions). (ACIL Allen ‘Evaluation of Skills for All’p1)

ACIL Allen also found the number of graduates reporting a job related benefit from completing a qualification fell from 77 per cent to 70 per cent after the introduction of Skills for All.

“The Weatherill Government must engage with industry in the design and operation of the replacement Work Ready program to avoid repeating the mistakes of the Skills for All program,” Mr Pisoni said.

“Given we have the same Minister and the same bureaucrats running Work Ready we will end up with the same result unless there is genuine consultation with industry and continued public scrutiny.”