Rankine’s corporal punishment gaffe

In an embarrassing gaffe on radio this morning, Education Minister Jennifer Rankine has once again demonstrated that she is not across her Education portfolio.

On ABC Radio this morning, Minister Rankine revealed that she was not aware of corporal punishment laws in South Australian schools.

Matt Abraham: “Minister, what’s the law in South Australia about corporal punishment?”

Minister Rankine: “Matt, it’s not something that’s actually been raised with me but I will check that.”

“How can an Education Minister not know if corporal punishment is legal or illegal in South Australian schools?” asked Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni.

For the record, corporal punishment was abolished in South Australian government schools in 1991.

The Education and Early Childhood Services (Registration and Standards) Act 2011 states that any form of corporal punishment is an offence with a penalty of $10,000.

“Minister Rankine has today demonstrated that she is still not across her portfolio,” said Mr Pisoni.

“It is really quite embarrassing that the Minister could not answer this very simple question.

“What’s even worse is that she could not answer this very simple question, despite this issue being in the media for the past two days. “If Minister Rankine doesn’t even know this information, how can South Australians have confidence in her to be across more intricate details of the Education portfolio?”