SA continues to have poor workforce participation under Labor

South Australia continues to record a poor workforce participation rate under the Weatherill Labor Government, according to the latest ABS data released today.

In September, South Australia recorded its lowest workforce participation rate in almost 8 years and the lowest participation rate on mainland Australia of 62 per cent.

Last month, South Australia’s participation rate dropped again to 61.8 per cent.

This again was the lowest on mainland Australia.

“This is a worrying trend given that it means South Australians have given up looking for jobs and disappeared from the official unemployment statistics,” said Shadow Employment Minister David Pisoni.

“South Australia’s poor participation rate masks the real number of people hunting for jobs in our stagnant jobs market.

“The Weatherill Labor Government has to become business friendly if we are going to make substantial inroads on South Australia’s 6.6 per cent unemployment rate and increase our workforce participation rate.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to reduce the costs of doing business in South Australia, cut red tape and place a greater focus on exports to increase job opportunities.

“Improving business conditions is the only sustainable means of growing South Australia’s stagnant jobs market.

“There is also little hope for young South Australians looking for work with nearly 1 in 3 unemployed.

“Given that the Weatherill Labor Government has executed a Treasury directive to TAFE to cut more than 500 jobs over the next three years, this means there will be even fewer opportunities for young South Australians in the future.”