Two creative industry leaders have been appointed to the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) Board highlighting the Marshall Liberal Government’s commitment to strong industry experience and expertise, among the state’s creative sector Boards.

Minister for Innovation and Skills, David Pisoni, has congratulated Ann-Maree Davies, Head of School (Adelaide) Academy of Interactive Entertainment and South Australian producer Kate Croser, for her re-appointment to the SAFC Board.

“I welcome Ms Davies to the SAFC Board and thank Ms Croser for her continued contribution,” he said.

Minister Pisoni said Ms Davies’ appointment will broaden the SAFC Board’s experience into the gaming sector. 

“Ms Davies is the Head of School (Adelaide), Academy of Interactive Entertainment which is a specialist games and film educator, established by industry with alumni working in studios around the world,” he said.

Minister Pisoni also welcomed the re-appointment of Ms Croser to the SAFC Board.

“Ms Croser is an award-winning film and television producer and Head of Production and Development at KOJO Entertainment, a division of the KOJO Group with its headquarters in Adelaide and offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth,” he said.

“She is also a producer on the film Top End Wedding which has its Australian premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival Pop Up being held this weekend, until Sunday 7 April.”

Minister Pisoni said the Marshall Liberal Government is committed to supporting and enhancing the screen industry in South Australia which will in turn, bring more and better local films to Australian and international audiences.

“We have a globally-acknowledged strong, diverse and high calibre screen industry in South Australia, led by the South Australian Film Corporation,” he said.

South Australian Film Corporation’s Board will now comprise three women and three men, all with strong industry credentials.

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