For the first time, South Australia will have a dedicated exhibition stand at the PAX-AUS convention with local companies Monkeystack, Juicy Cupcake, Mighty Kingdom, We Made A Thing Studios, Team Fractal Alligator and Exbleative Games all showcasing their latest games. Also from South Australia will be Split Symmetry and Melonhead Games, who can be found exhibiting in PAX Rising.

Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment David Ridgway said millions of players around the world are loving the remarkable new games being made in Adelaide.

“We’ve got some of the most exciting, emerging game developers in the world and they are creating truly extraordinary games that are thrilling gamers across the globe,” Mr Ridgway said.

“South Australia is producing internationally recognised titles across all major platforms including Monster Truck™, Horse Riding Tales, and Brief Battles; and franchise success stories like Shopkins™ World and Doc McStuffins.”

“Only last night, Mighty Kingdom won the 2019 Australian Game Developer Award (AGDA) for Studio of the Year.

“Each year, PAX highlights new and exciting titles from independent developers in the PAX-Aus Indie Showcase. This year, South Australia proudly has two 2019 Indie Showcase winners in Exbleative Games and Team Fractal Alligator.

“This year’s PAX-AUS convention presents a great opportunity for our game development community to develop what I hope will be fruitful new networks and partnerships with other creative technology companies from across the world.”

Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said South Australia’s culture of creativity and innovation is ideal for the development and scale up of new game development companies.

“The Marshall Government recently announced the Games Innovation Fund to assist South Australian developers to create new games intended for public release to global audiences, allowing South Australia to tap into one of the world’s fastest growing industries, worth almost $200 billion globally.

“Adelaide is home to major VFX studios such as Rising Sun Pictures, Kojo and Resin and Mill Film, VR studios such as Jumpgate and digital content creators like Monkeystack and the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments,” Mr Pisoni said.

“There is also the Game Plus co-working space which is a central hub for the game development community, allowing for early-stage entrants to the industry as well as full-scale game development businesses.

“With a mix of emerging and established talent, South Australia is fostering a collaborative and engaged game development ecosystem, which is supported by the education, private, and public sectors.”

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