SA’s unemployment rate remains the highest on mainland Australia

South Australia has retained its unenviable position of having the highest unemployment rate on mainland Australia, according to the latest ABS jobs data released today.

What is of most concern is that unemployment has been trending upwards for 23 consecutive months.

In fact, South Australia’s trend unemployment rate is at its highest level in more than 12 years.

“More South Australians also gave up looking for work in July, with seasonally adjusted participation rates falling by 0.5 per cent in one month alone,” said Shadow Minister for Employment David Pisoni.

“In the last four months South Australia’s jobless rate has risen from 6.3 per cent to 7.2 per cent.

“Today’s figures confirm the extent of South Australia’s deepening employment crisis on Premier Weatherill’s watch.

“Under the Weatherill Labor Government, South Australia has the highest taxes in the nation, the worst performing workers’ compensation scheme in the nation and low consumer and business confidence.

“With South Australia’s unemployment rate the highest in mainland Australia, it’s time for Premier Weatherill to drop the pretense that Labor will create 100,000 new jobs by 2016.

“Premier Weatherill needs to admit he has broken Labor’s jobs promise and has the wrong policies in place to create jobs for South Australians."

Earlier this week, ANZ Jobs Ad data revealed that in both trend and seasonally adjusted figures, South Australia recorded the worst performance for the month of July 2014 and the year to July 2014 of all states and territories in the nation.

“After 12 years of Labor, South Australians deserve better,” said Mr Pisoni.