SA students undertaking NAPLAN tests this week

The State Liberals wish all South Australian students taking part in NAPLAN tests this week the best of luck.

The NAPLAN test is not just a test of South Australia’s education system, but also a good opportunity for parents to engage in their children’s education and identify their children’s aptitude in these core education building blocks.

Throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s South Australian students were Australia’s best performers in literacy and second only to Finland against 32 OECD countries.

“We also bettered the OECD averages in scientific literacy, where we ranked third in the world, and mathematics where we came eighth,” said Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni.

“Unfortunately, South Australian NAPLAN results over the past five years have continued to fall well behind the national average.

“In the very first year of National NAPLAN testing in 2008, South Australian students were achieving the national average in 5 out of 20 categories.

“After those disappointing results, Labor immediately announced that every state school student who had not met the national literacy and numeracy standard would receive intensive support from 2008.

“However, five years on and NAPLAN results for South Australia’s students have slipped even further, meeting the national average in only 1 out of the 20 categories.

“This is a very concerning trend and it’s not good enough for the Weatherill Labor Government to simply talk the talk on education – Labor must take action and do more to support our students in these crucial years of their education.

“Labor is failing our students and must now, after 12 long years, stop blaming others.

The Weatherill Labor Government must do more now to arrest this decline and return South Australia to its historical place as a national leader once again.”