SA unemployment spikes 23.2 per cent

Today’s Australian Government Department of Employment labour force figures show that unemployment in South Australia has sky rocketed by 23.2 per cent in the past 12 months, with 13,100 people joining unemployment lines in that time.

During the same period the number of people unemployment increased nationally by just 2.1 per cent.

"Heavy job losses in South Australian are creating a vicious circle as ever more people are forced to cut back on what they spend, thereby reducing revenue flowing into South Australian businesses who in turn are forced to lay off more staff," said Shadow Minister for Employment David Pisoni.

"South Australia’s deepening unemployment crisis is impacting on more and more families as jobs continue to disappear across the state’s struggling economy.

"In the past month 2,500 jobs disappeared in the greater Adelaide and young people are bearing the brunt of the carnage with youth unemployment reaching 15.3 per cent.

"As a consequence of the collapse of unemployment under the Weatherill Government the percentage of South Australians in the workforce has fallen to just 57.3 per cent, the lowest figure since January 2003.

"The lack of jobs in South Australia is leading to an increasing number of people trapped on welfare and shrinking the state’s taxation base.

"It’s time for the Weatherill Labor Government to swallow its pride and start adopting the job creating measures proposed by the State Liberals."

The State Liberals have proposed:

- Bringing forward planned Stamp Duty relief to take effect this year;

- Committing to reducing Payroll Tax;

- Slashing Emergency Services Levy bills by reversing the $90 million ESL hike announced in the 2014-15 State Budget;

- Finalising an investigation regarding the Strzelecki Track upgrade; and,

- Creating a state-based Productivity Commission.