Schools out for RAH

The State Liberals are demanding the Premier Jay Weatherill publicly confirms if he intends to break his election promise to build a new city high school on the old RAH site.

“The rumour Jay Weatherill is preparing to ditch his election promise to build a new city high school on the old RAH site by 2019 has reached fever pitch in the last few days,“ said Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni.

“If the Premier is planning to break this promise it’s time the Premier ended his cruel hoax on parents hoping to send their children to the new city high school that he promised would be open for the 2019 school year.

“One thing is now certain the Weatherill Government will not deliver a school on the old Royal Adelaide site, indeed it will not deliver a new high school anywhere in Adelaide, for the 2019 school year.

“Breaking this promise would mark a disgraceful new low point in the Weatherill Government’s woeful record in education that has turned South Australia into a public education backwater.

“The families of school age children living in Adelaide’s inner suburbs will be bitterly disappointed with this cynical breach of faith by Jay Weatherill if he fails to keep his promise.

“Public high schools in the inner city ring are overflowing with students with many being forced to travel further away from Adelaide to secure a place.

“Unfortunately this isn’t the first time Labor has failed to deliver an election promise regarding schools in the square mile of the city.

“Labor failed to deliver on their 2010 election promise of an extra 250 students for the existing Adelaide High School by 2013. Those 250 places won’t be delivered until 2019 - ironically at the time when the new city high school was promised to be open.

“The Weatherill Government lacks the drive, intellect and passion necessary to deliver a first class public education system which is why South Australia has the worst NAPLAN results on mainland Australia, why South Australia leaves year 7 students in primary school and why South Australia has record enrolments in private schools.

“Education Minister Susan Close will come under intense scrutiny for her statement to Parliament earlier this year that the new city high school at the RAH will go ahead. That was the commitment made at the election and that commitment will be kept. (Hansard 24/02/15)