South Australia training for jobs failure

Deeply disturbing statistics for the South Australian economy have emerged with the number of apprentice and trainee commencements falling by an alarming 39 per cent in 2013 whilst SA internet job vacancies fell by 5.1 per cent in the 12 months to May 2014.

“South Australia’s jobs crisis is now decimating both the number of people training for jobs and the number of jobs available,” said Shadow Minister for Employment, Skills and Training David Pisoni.

“The National Centre for Vocational Education statistics show apprentice and trainee commencements were at their lowest level in 11 years, falling from 25,600 in 2012 to just 15,700 in 2013.

“Internet job vacancies data from the Federal Department of Employment further illustrates the dire condition of South Australia’s jobs market.

“South Australian internet job vacancy numbers are at half the levels they were eight years ago, and South Australia has been the worst performing state in this survey during the past eight years.

“The situation will only get worse in the future with the Weatherill Labor Government ripping tens of millions of dollars out of the State Government’s skills and training budget.

“South Australia trained roughly half the number of apprentices and trainees as Western Australia in 2013.

“The Weatherill Labor Government is abandoning a generation of young job seekers and creating a critical skills gap in our future workforce.

“Since Labor’s promise at the 2010 election to create 100,000 new jobs, SA has lost 800 jobs, and since last year’s State Budget South Australia has lost almost 20,000 jobs.

“These figures mock the 2014 State Budget’s predictions that South Australia’s payroll tax revenue will grow faster than that of Queensland and Victoria.”