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Australian Curriculum Studies Association Conference

From Wednesday 30 September to Friday 2 October, the Biennial Australian Curriculum Studies Association Conference, titled 'Curriculum Leadership for a diverse Australia', is being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Mr Garry McLean, President Australian Curriculum Studies Association and Professor Lester-Irabinna Ridney, Professor of Aboriginal Education, UniSA, who later gave the morning's keynote address, were in attendance as I officially opened the conference this morning.

South Australian Primary Schools’ Music Festival Concert

The future generation of South Australian performers were on show Saturday 5 September, with students from primary schools across South Australia putting on their Festival of Music at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

Policy changes needed to improve education outcomes for students

The Weatherill Labor Government needs to implement education policy changes to improve education standards and lift South Australian students’ NAPLAN scores.

State Budget cuts school education staff

The State Liberals have called on the Minister for Education Susan Close to detail how many teachers and school support officers will lose their jobs as a consequence of plans to slash 308 jobs from the Education Department.

Writing on the wall for Labor’s failed education policies

The State Liberals are deeply concerned that not a single South Australian government primary school has been ranked in the top 100 schools in the nation based on NAPLAN results.

Schools out for RAH

The State Liberals are demanding the Premier Jay Weatherill publicly confirms if he intends to break his election promise to build a new city high school on the old RAH site.

New City School by 2019 always a pipe dream

News that the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH) won’t be completed until late 2016 at the earliest means families awaiting the opening of a new high school on the old RAH site in 2019 will be disappointed.

Weatherill Government fails NAPLAN

NAPLAN results released today highlight the long term decline of South Australia’s education system and the need for a complete rethink of education policy by the Weatherill Government.

Labor’s broken childcare promise to increase costs for families

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to honour its promise to keep childcare costs down for South Australian families.

ESL hikes hurting 3Rs

The Weatherill Government’s massive increases in the Emergency Services Levy tax will impact on the quality of education South Australia’s independent schools are able to provide.