Taken for a ride

The State Liberals are appalled that an unemployed job seeker is being prevented from starting work as a taxi driver after being kept waiting more than two months for the requisite police clearance.

The plight of Mr Warwick Piper as reported in today’s Advertiser is a shocking example of bureaucratic indifference to the real life struggles of ordinary South Australians

“The Weatherill Labor Government must improve the disgraceful waiting times for people seeking police clearances for employment purposes,” said Shadow Minister for Employment David Pisoni.

“To keep an unemployed job seeker waiting for more than two months for a police clearance is totally unacceptable and Employment Minister Gail Gago needs to explain why the system has failed this individual.

“In fact Minister Gago needs to get on the phone to the Department this morning and direct them to deal with Mr Piper’s application immediately. Then she needs to get on the phone to Mr Piper and apologise personally for this disgraceful episode.

“South Australia has the worst unemployment rate on mainland Australia but the Weatherill Government’s bureaucracy is so slow to conduct a simple police check that Mr Piper is left in limbo despite having a job waiting for him.

“Mr Piper has enough difficulties to confront as he tries to start a new career without an indifferent bureaucracy thwarting his efforts.”

The casual response from the bureaucracy to Mr Piper’s inquiries as to when he is likely to receive his police clearance only add insult to injury:

Your application is in progress. Once completed you will receive a letter and an email will be sent to

“No apology, no explanation, no attempt to find out when Mr Piper might be able to begin work – just an all in the fullness of time response,” said Mr Pisoni.