An industry-led innovative skills project will simultaneously address two workforce issues in South Australia: an aging population needing care, and adult workers looking for a new career.

The $132,000 Skilling South Australia project, developed in partnership with My Care Solution and Enable College, will create 15 new traineeships in the aged care sector.

“This is a particularly important project, as not only does it create new paid traineeships in an industry that has not traditionally used the traineeship model, but it also provides job opportunities for mature-aged job seekers to start a new career in a fast growing industry,” Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said.

“It’s no secret that South Australia has an ageing population, and this has wide-ranging effects on our state’s workforce. The transition to the social care industry is made easier with these new earn as you learn traineeships.

“South Australia’s Training and Skills Commission forecasts strong growth across the social care sectors, particularly in aged care and disability support roles – around 4,800 job openings over the five years to 2022-23.

“Changes to our economic landscape have meant that workers will need to remain in the workforce for longer than earlier generations, and it means that many adult workers will move into new careers.

“At the same time, more people than ever are moving into aged care facilities, which is creating high demand for skilled workers.

“This is an industry where maturity is valued and supported – and this is important, because we want these workers to stay in the industry.

“This project specifically targets mature-aged participants to re-skill them for an aged care career, and I commend My Care Solution for creating such a well-considered and important project.”

The project will support 20 participants aged 45 and over to undertake pre-apprenticeship training, which will give them a comprehensive understanding of the sector and prepare them to begin their careers caring for elderly South Australians.

On completion, at least 15 of the participants will go on to take up a traineeship and complete a Certificate III in Individual Support with My Care Solution.

Executive Director of My Care Solution Mark McBriarty said this traineeship recognises the value mature-age workers can bring to the aged care industry.

“Mature-age individuals have a lifetime of experience and skills to offer, but it can be difficult to enter or re-enter the workforce at a later age,” Mr McBriarty said.

“At My Care Solution, more than 85 per cent of our workforce is aged 45 or older. They are committed, reliable, eager to learn, and most importantly, they are compatible with our elderly clients.

“By placing a front-end to our mature-age traineeships, we are ensuring that candidates are well-equipped to embrace a role that is both deeply meaningful and richly rewarding.”

Skilling South Australia is a $200 million partnership with the Australian Government to deliver the skills required by industry and ensure South Australians are ready to step into jobs and enjoy rewarding careers in the future.

This project is one of more than 100 Skilling South Australia projects, worth more than $20 million, funded by the State Government and co-designed with industry.


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