Transport and Infrastructure portfolios to be scrutinised at Budget Estimates today

Budget Estimates hearings into Minister Mullighan’s portfolios this morning will examine the $10 million cost blowout to the tram extension, second-hand 10 year old trams for AdeLINK, the crumbling South Road bridge debacle, and the State Government’s infrastructure business cases or lack thereof.

“The Weatherill Government has made an art form of blowing the budget on infrastructure projects, with the $10 million cost blow out to the tram extension the latest example,” said Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure David Pisoni.

“I will be asking the Minister how such a large cost overrun on the tram extension project has occurred on his watch.
“The South Road Tram Overpass and subsequent statewide audit of 1,500 bridges across South Australia will also be a focus of the Estimates hearings.

“The Minister has yet to reveal the results of the audit sparked by the crumbling South Road bridge, which left South Road businesses out of pocket and motorists inconvenienced. It’s time to come clean.

“Minister Mullighan has cried foul over Federal infrastructure funding from Canberra, when in reality it’s been the State Government’s failure to provide the necessary documentation in a timely manner to Infrastructure Australia to ensure promised infrastructure projects go ahead.”