Unemployment spikes in Geoff Brock’s heartland

The latest official figures show that there are now 4,900 people unemployed in the mid-north region of South Australia as the Weatherill Labor Government’s failed regional economic policies bite ever deeper.

“The unemployment rate for the mid-north of South Australia is now dangerously high at 9.3 per cent having been 5.8 per cent a year ago,” said Shadow Minister for Regional Development Steven Griffiths.

“Equally concerning is the youth unemployment rate has leapt from 11.4 per cent to 16.9 per cent during the last year.

“These figures from the Department of Employment demand a strong response from the Member for Frome and Minister for Regional Development Geoff Brock.

“Unfortunately to date Geoff Brock has been missing in action when it comes to delivering a better deal for the people of regional South Australia.

“When asked about regional unemployment in the Parliament Geoff Brock acts like a Labor Minister and shrugs his shoulders and says it’s not my responsibility.

“Geoff Brock has quickly adopted the excuses that the Weatherill Government has been hiding behind for the past decade.

“Incredibly Geoff Brock recently told Parliament ritual that he vacates Cabinet if he thinks a bill is not in the best interests of the regions.

“Geoff Brock should demand the withdrawal of any bill that isn’t in the interests of regional South Australia.

“Geoff Brock is potentially an enormously powerful figure in the South Australian Government and he needs to begin exercising that influence on behalf of regional South Australia.

“Regional South Australia has been ignored by the Weatherill Labor Government for 12 long years and its time the imbalance was redressed. “Geoff Brock needs to stay in Cabinet and fight for regions.”