Unley Salvation Army - call for community groups and volunteers

Major Reno Elms and his Unley Salvation Army team do a lot of great work in our community and they are currently seeking volunteers to help out at their community centre at 70 Marion Street, Unley. They are also offering space in their centre for local community groups who are seeking a regular home base and want to become part of their welcoming community.

If you have any spare time or think you have some skills which may assist the Unley Salvation Army to help our community, including but definitely not limited to gardening, administration, fundraising, cooking or musical talents, please do consider volunteering with them - I know your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Also if your community group needs a regular space to meet or is looking to contribute more to our local area, please consider the Unley Salvation Army Community Centre. I have visited them on many occasions and they are lovely people, with wonderful facilities which may help your group.  

For more information, get in touch with the Unley Salvation Army at 70 Marion Street, Unley, on 8271 2339 or