Weatherill Government fails NAPLAN

NAPLAN results released today highlight the long term decline of South Australia’s education system and the need for a complete rethink of education policy by the Weatherill Government.

“It is deeply concerning that South Australia’s NAPLAN results have been falling ever further behind the national average since 2008,” said Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni.

“Education is key to the creation of a prosperous and fair South Australia but unfortunately our children are being let down by a Minister and a Government that have no coherent plans for improving a failing system.

“When NAPLAN testing began South Australia was in the middle of the pack for results. Now we are the worst performing state on mainland Australia and the rest of the country is pulling away from us.

“In 2008 South Australia easily outperformed Queensland and Western Australia, but by this year both those states had significantly better NAPLAN results that we did.

“Education Minister Jennifer Rankine needs to explain why Western Australia and Queensland’s NAPLAN performances have leapfrogged South Australia in the last six years.

“Labor has announced more than 60 numeracy and literacy programs since 2002 but still we continue to fall ever further behind the national average.

“Minister Rankine needs to release the evaluation of each of those programs to demonstrate taxpayers’ money is being well spent.

“South Australia’s school education system was once a shining example to the rest of the world.

“Throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s South Australian students were Australia’s best performers in literacy and second only to Finland against 32 OECD countries. “We also bettered the OECD averages in scientific literacy, where we ranked third in the world, and mathematics where we came eighth.”