Weatherill must recommit to new city high school

Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni has called on Premier Weatherill to recommit to his Labor Government’s new city high school before the release of the State Budget next week.

During the recent state election campaign, the Weatherill Labor Government committed $85 million to building a new city high school on the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

“Let’s not forget that this State Labor Government has spent 12 years making and breaking promises,” said Mr Pisoni.

“This year’s budget will be no different with the Weatherill Government having made a host of unaffordable promises to sneak back into office.

“Having promised to build, build, build this will be a cut, cut, cut budget and South Australians have the right to know where the axe will fall.

“The Weatherill Government has spent weeks claiming that the Federal Government will be to blame for the savage cuts it is intending to inflict on South Australians.

“That is absolute nonsense, with the Weatherill Government planning $230 million of its own education cuts well before the Federal Budget was handed down.

“The Weatherill Government needs to come clean on exactly what promises it will be axing in this budget.

“Mr Weatherill must tell South Australians before the June State Budget whether or not his $85 million new city high school still stands.

“South Australians deserve a Government that delivers what it promises.

“Let’s not forget that at the 2010 state election, Labor promised a simple expansion of Adelaide High School that would cater for 250 students by 2013.

“That promise was broken, with only 50 additional students starting at Adelaide High School in 2015.

“Why should South Australians trust Premier Weatherill to deliver this project?”