Why is it so, Minister Rankine?

The State Liberals are warning South Australians not to be fooled by the Weatherill Labor Government’s attempts to blame the looming cuts in the state education budget on the recently delivered federal budget.

“The Weatherill Government’s plan to make nearly $230 million in cuts to education and slash almost 400 jobs over the forward estimates is in no way related to the federal budget,” said Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni.

“These Weatherill Labor Government cuts were revealed to the Budget and Finance Committee last year and are the bitter fruit of the Weatherill Government’s disastrous debt and deficit policies.

“Weatherill Labor’s planned education cuts are the direct result of Weatherill Labor’s woeful budget management and its attempts to blame the Federal Government are just a pea and thimble trick.

“The reduction in education funding from the Federal Government is four years away and in the meantime South Australia will receive increased education funding from the Federal Government.

“The State Liberals do not support the Federal Government’s planned reduction in funding for education in four years’ time.

“Minister Rankine is making $230 million in cuts of which $190 million remain unspecified – she must come clean where those $190M in unspecified cuts will be coming from.

“It is just not feasible that Minister Rankine can detail the impact of the Federal Government cuts that will happen in 2018 and 2019, but can’t detail the impact of her own budget cuts.

“The Weatherill Labor Government has seized on the federal budget announcements to shift the blame for South Australia’s faltering education outcomes after 12 years of Labor mismanagement.

“Minister Rankine has refused to detail where her immediate cuts will come from yet she has, in just a few hours, been able detail the impact of the Federal Government cuts in 4 years’ time.”

“The truth is the Weatherill Labor Government will cut the education budget over the next four years while Federal Government funding will increase over the same period.”