South Australia created 10,100 jobs in the month of November delivering a record number of people in work and an unemployment rate of just 4.6 per cent, the lowest in 12 years.

“South Australia is now on the cusp of full employment as a result of the Marshall Government’s skilful management of the economy throughout COVID that has resulted in our state having the fastest growing economy in the nation,” said Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni.

“There are now a record number of people in jobs (884,500), a record number of people in full-time jobs (576,600) and record number of hours worked (118.8 million) as confidence in the South Australian economy reaches an all-time high.

“Throughout 2021 South Australia has outperformed the nation in respect of an increase in employment, both full and part-time, an increase in the participation rate and a decrease in the unemployment rate.

“In 2021 South Australia has created 39,600 new jobs, of which 26,500 have been full-time and 13,100 are part-time.

“The number of unemployed people in South Australia has fallen by 20,000 during 2021 as the participation rate has increased by 1.2 per cent.

“The fact South Australia now has the lowest youth unemployment in the nation is an excellent sign for future growth as young people spurn moving interstate and stay in SA to take advantage of the growing opportunities.

“The benefits of South Australia’s 3.9 per cent economic growth, the fastest in the nation, are being enjoyed throughout the state.

“The Marshall Government’s record $17.9 billion infrastructure investment and $4 billion COVID-19 stimulus will continue to create new jobs and opportunities for South Australians, cementing our reputation as the world’s third most liveable city.

“Little wonder that Roy Morgan’s special analysis found that South Australia has “handled the pandemic better than any other state on the employment front” and that Adelaide is rated the best Australian city to live in and 3rd best city in the world.

“Increasing hours worked is good news for South Australians thinking of buying a house, opening a business or looking to get a loan from the bank.

“South Australia’s growing prosperity is underpinned by our exceptionally strong performance in handling both the health and economic threats posed by COVID-19.

“For context, today’s unemployment rate of just 4.6 per cent compares with an average unemployment rate of 6.8 per cent during the last Labor Government.”

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