Twenty-five job seekers will gain civil construction traineeships through an innovative training project involving the Wild Africa expansion project at Monarto Zoo.

Minister for Innovation and Skills, David Pisoni, who is visiting the Murraylands today, said the Civil Train Monarto Zoo project supports people to gain a Certificate II in Civil Construction while contributing to what will be an iconic South Australian tourist attraction.

“Through this project, led by the Civil Contractors Federation with Zoos SA, 36 South Australians will participate in pre-vocational training,” he said.

“Participants undertake training and ensure it’s the right path for them to lead to 25 traineeships.

“This project is an excellent example of the Marshall Liberal Government working together with industry to support growth in apprenticeships and traineeships, leading to skilled careers under Skilling South Australia.

“It is among more than 40 Skilling South Australia projects, worth more than $7 million, that have been funded by the State Government and co-designed with business and industry.”

The Civil Train project has been developed in consultation with the Governor’s Aboriginal Employment Industry Clusters Program and includes 20 Aboriginal participants.

“The State Government has provided more than $500,000 funding for the project including accredited training, non-accredited training, mentoring, and equipment hire,” Minister Pisoni said.

“This pre-vocational training program provides an amazing opportunity to gain a range of practical, industry-relevant and problem-solving skills, in a very exciting and unusual setting.”

Civil Contractors Federation Member Engagement and Communications Manager Melissa Ekberg said Civil Train is extremely proud of this partnership.

“In consultation with industry, we have been able to facilitate a training program that meets the needs of potential employers, and also provides participants with the necessary skills to successfully transition into traineeships in the future,” Ms Ekberg said.

Minister Pisoni will visit Monarto Zoo today, tour local businesses, visit Murray Bridge High School and TAFE SA, and host a Skills Roundtable to discuss the region’s skilled workforce needs.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is backing regional South Australians and these visits offer me an invaluable opportunity to hear ideas directly from those communities,” he said.

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